Conference Posters

Gomersall, J., Gibson, O., Dwyer, J., O’Donnell, K., Stephenson, M., Carter, D., Aromataris, E., Canuto, K., Munn, Z., Brown, A. (2016) Clients’ perceptions of the characteristics and value of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations: A systematic review of qualitative evidence PHC Research Conference -Reform and innovation in PHC policy and practice. 8-9 June 2016 

Harfield, S., Davy, C., Canuto, K., Gomersall, J., Aromataris, E., Brown, N., Braunack-Mayer, A., Brown, A. (2015) The Centre of Research Excellence in Aboriginal Chronic Disease Knowledge Translation and Exchange (CREATE) PHC Research Conference 29-31 July 2015 CREATE Program Poster – PHC Research Conference 2015

Gomersall, J., Canuto, K., Aromataris, E., Braunack-Mayer, A., Brown, A. (2015) Systematic review to inform prevention and management of chronic disease for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians PHC Research Conference 29-31 July 2015 CREATE Overview Poster- PHC Research Conference 2015 

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