Conference Abstracts

Reilly, R., Harfield, S., Evans, K., Warren, S., Peters, M., Cass, A., Brown, A., Gorham, G., Gomersall, J. (2015) Systematic review using the JBI Mixed Method approach: An application using diverse evidence from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthcare JBI International Methodology Symposium 3 – 4 September 2015.  Abstract: Reilly et al. JBI International Symposium 2015

Gomersall,J., Aromataris,E., Brown,A.,Dwyer,J., Stephenson,M., O’Donnell,K., Canuto,K., Carter,D., Canuto,K., Gibson,O. (2015)  Characteristics and value of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations Primary Health Care. HSRAANZ,  7-9 December 2015.  Abstract : Gomersall et al. HSRAANZ 2015

Morey,K., Canuto,K., Kite,E., Gibson,O., Brown,A., Harfield,S., Davy,C., Aromataris,E., Carter,D., Gomersall,J., Braunack-Mayer,A. (2015) The development of an appraisal tool for assessing research involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples HSRAANZ,  7-9 December 2015. Abstract : Morey et al. HSRAANZ 2015

Harfield,S., Davy,C., Munn, M., McArthur, A., Brown, A., Brown, N. (2015) Characteristics of Indigenous Primary Health Care Models of Service Delivery  HSRAANZ,  7-9 December 2015. Abstract : Harfield et al. HSRAANZ 2015

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