Conference Abstracts

Harfield, S., Gibson, O., Morey, K., Kite, E., Canuto, K., Glover, K., Streak-Gomersall, J., Davy, C., Carter, D., Aromataris, E., Braunack-Mayer, A. (2017) The CREATE Critical Appraisal Tool: A Tool To Appraise Research From Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives Global Evidence Summit. 13-16 September 2017

Harfield, S., Braunack-Mayer, A. (2017) Assessing the quality and ethics of health research in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander settings: a tool to appraise health research from an Indigenous perspective. AABHL: Public Health Ethics. 20 June 2017

Reilly, R., Harfield, S., Evans, K., Warren, S., Peters, M., Cass, A., Brown, A., Gorham, G., Gomersall, J. (2015) Systematic review using the JBI Mixed Method approach: An application using diverse evidence from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthcare JBI International Methodology Symposium 3 – 4 September 2015.  Abstract: Reilly et al. JBI International Symposium 2015

Gomersall,J., Aromataris,E., Brown,A.,Dwyer,J., Stephenson,M., O’Donnell,K., Canuto,K., Carter,D., Canuto,K., Gibson,O. (2015)  Characteristics and value of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations Primary Health Care. HSRAANZ,  7-9 December 2015.  Abstract : Gomersall et al. HSRAANZ 2015

Morey,K., Canuto,K., Kite,E., Gibson,O., Brown,A., Harfield,S., Davy,C., Aromataris,E., Carter,D., Gomersall,J., Braunack-Mayer,A. (2015) The development of an appraisal tool for assessing research involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples HSRAANZ,  7-9 December 2015. Abstract : Morey et al. HSRAANZ 2015

Harfield,S., Davy,C., Munn, M., McArthur, A., Brown, A., Brown, N. (2015) Characteristics of Indigenous Primary Health Care Models of Service Delivery  HSRAANZ,  7-9 December 2015. Abstract : Harfield et al. HSRAANZ 2015

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