Health Promotion Domain

The Health Promotion Domain is being led by Dr Karla Canuto who has qualifications and experience in Indigenous health promotion. A sub-group of CREATE Associate Investigators will support the work of this Domain. Between them they have extensive experience in knowledge synthesis, translation, delivering training and higher degree research student supervision. Additional members are likely to join the team from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Sector; including health promotion officers. Karla is also in discussions with external experts from other institutions who may also be invited to collaborate or contribute.

The Health Promotion team has two primary aims, to:

  • Synthesise existing evidence across many Health Promotion topics, which will then be translated into practice and/or policy as appropriate and feasible.
  • Add to the evidence-base from the Sector’s experience by strengthening the capacity of the Sector to evaluate and document their health promotion programs.

Two priority projects are being undertaken in response to Leadership Group identified priorities.

Project 1: Scoping Review of health promotion programs and activities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
The primary objective of the scoping review is to map the existing literature on health promotion programs and activities that focus on reducing chronic disease risk and improving management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples via primary health care services. This review hopes to inform topics which could benefit from a synthesis of knowledge to inform health service delivery or policy.

Project 2: Health Promotion Evaluation Framework
Through consultation and collaboration with health promotion practitioners, CREATE will develop an evaluation framework to assist the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Sector to evaluate their health promotion activities. This project will include capacity strengthening activities to support the Sector to use the framework, to evaluate their activities and to share their learnings with others.

As opportunities for individuals and organisations to contribute become available within the Health Promotion Domain they will be advertised via the CREATE Newsletter and other means deemed appropriate.

For further information or to register your interest in becoming involved, please contact us by clicking on this link..

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