Research Master Classes

Master Classes 

Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit at the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute has been funded by the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute to develop Master Classes. The aim of these Master Classes is to strengthen the capacity of policy makers, managers and practitioners working within the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector, in order to improve healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The following three Master Classes are available free of charge to Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector organisations. The informal two day face-to-face format encourages participants to ask questions specific to their particular needs as well as develop practical skills which can be used within their organisation. All Master Classes are supported by study guides and links to further electronic resources.

  1. Evaluation Master Class

The Evaluations Master Class focuses on using evaluation as a tool for assessing and then improving healthcare services and programs. Participants in the Evaluation Master Class will gain a basic understanding of:

  • benefits that arise from and pitfalls to avoid while evaluating healthcare services and programs;
  • what to consider when selecting an evaluation design;
  • how to develop an evaluation plan; and
  • how to undertake an evaluation and ensure that the findings are used.
  1. Understanding Research Master Class

The Understanding Research Master Class is not only designed to increase the awareness of how research can assist to improve health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples but also about how to work with researchers in order to ensure that the needs of healthcare services are met. In particular, participants will gain a basic understanding of:

  • research concepts and terminology;
  • how research can help improve health services;
  • how to find and assess existing evidence;
  • what to consider when commissioning a new study; and
  • how to ensure that research findings make a practical difference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  1. Undertaking Research Master Class

The Undertaking Research Master Class is also designed to increase the awareness of individuals about the use of research to improve healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In particular, this Master Class is also focused on providing participants with a basic understanding of how they can develop their own research project in order to improve the quality of healthcare and patient safety for Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples, and in doing so to gain a basic understanding of how to:20151105_PhotoUsedTwitter_

  • develop a research question;
  • develop a research proposal;
  • develop an ethics application;
  • conduct research ethically; and
  • translate findings into practice.

Common features of the Master Classes include:

  • These Master Classes are presented by senior researchers.
  • Participants will receive a comprehensive Study Guide with links to further resources.
  • Ongoing mentoring support will be available for those who wish.

Please email Karen Laverty for more information.

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