Ms Kim Morey

Kim Morey


p: (08) 8128 4215

Associate Investigator, CREATE

Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit, SAHMRI

Kim’s family connections are from Central Australia, she is of Anmatyerre / Eastern Arrernte descent. She is currently the manager of Knowledge Translation at the Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit, SAHMRI. Kim has extensive experience working within the Aboriginal Health and Housing portfolios within the South Australian Public Sector, and has an excellent knowledge of the health and wellbeing issues facing Aboriginal peoples both from a South Australian perspective and at a National level. From Kim’s senior Government positions she brings a sound understanding of how research and evidence links within the policy frameworks across Aboriginal health.  Kim has been a delegate of the National Congress of Australia’s First People and also volunteered on local Aboriginal Community based Boards of Management. Kim is currently Chair of the Aboriginal Health Research Ethics Committee of the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia. She has recently completed her Masters of Public Health through the Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University. Kim played a key role in the development of the South Australian Aboriginal Health Research Accord. She is a key member of the CREATE Methods Group.

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