Dr Sandeep Moola

Sandeep Moola 2017

e: sandeep.moola@adelaide.edu.au

p: (08) 8313 7581

Associate Investigator, CREATE

Joanna Briggs Institute, University of Adelaide

Sandeep is currently working as a Research Fellow within the Implementation Science Team at the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI).  He has a clinical background in dentistry and began his career in Dentistry, practicing in India. He has Master’s degree in Health Services Management and a Master of Philosophy degree in Evidence-Based Health care.  For the last five years he has worked at the JBI on evidence synthesis activities to inform best practice in health care. Currently he is responsible for administering and managing the ‘Surgical Services’ and ‘Tropical and Infectious Disease’ nodes of the JBI COnNECT + online source for evidence-based information related to various specialties. He also assists in the development of short course online modules, and has contributed to various consultancy research projects funded by external organisations such as Cancer Australia and NSW Health. Sandeep is assisting with evidence synthesis work for the CREATE Health Promotion Domain.

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